Kicking Your Addiction to Control – Part 2 (Addiction)

I take it you’ve read Part 1

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So let’s talk about Addiction…

Not that you have any addictions I’m sure! 🙂

The main reason I participate in, and recommend counselling is because it’s mostly about getting to know your own story.

I believe that you will have had very little, if any, clarity or healing in the areas of your life where you don’t know your own story.

In getting to know my own story, amongst so many other things, I’ve had the opportunity to explore & interrogate areas of addiction that have had power over me.

Some of the obvious questions that bubble up upon investigating your addictions are these…

How did I get here?

If the bondage of addiction came as the result of numbing, then what am I numbing?

If anaesthetism has always been the path of least resistance for me, then what am I resisting?


it’s taken me nearly 4 years of work to write the following word;


there, I’ve said it!

Brene’ Brown says; “Connectedness is why we’re here. It’s what gives purpose & meaning to our lives.”

However, I’ve spent most of my life running from, escaping, avoiding, denying, and medicating the fear of connectedness.

Fear of living and engaging wholeheartedly with everyone around me.

Fear of the vulnerability of being fully awake, fully alive, and fully present.

The uncertainty that comes with the risks required for true freedom.

Uncertainty and Freedom – there’s two words rarely used in the same sentence…

We all know that at the core of unhealthy Religion is this relentless demand for certainty.

I hate religion, so I rebelled and ended up in addiction. (Not a great choice, but the better one of the two from what I knew at the time!)

Nobody likes uncertainty much, and very few people seem to be talking about it.

So in the silence it seems that our only choices in dealing with uncertainty are either religion or rebellion.

Performance or Pleasure…

Neither work out very well.

But I’ve learned another pathway…

Leaning into uncertainty

I know it’s highly uncomfortable & vulnerable leaning into uncertainty because the unavoidable mystery of being human, and the terrors of real living are a big deal!

But at the halfway point of my life, I can simply no longer keep running away.

I’m committed to leaning into uncertainty, and willing to take the required risks in order to have this connectedness I’ve unknowingly longed for my whole life.

But there’s one addiction you and I need to deal with before any of this true freedom is possible.

The mother of all addictions…

The addiction behind all the other addictions…


Like you, I’m ‘Addicted to playing god’

and there’s only one pathway to breaking this addiction.

So we’ll talk about that in Part 3.

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