The Prodigal Sons – A Rebellion against Religion Part 3

In parts 1&2  (which you can read here)

Part 1

Part 2

I’ve observed that the world is made up of two personality types (YB’s make big sweeping generalisations)

Younger brother & Older brother (YB & OB)

If you can’t be bothered reading the first two parts, then to bring you up to speed here’s the ADHD translation of the story we’ve been working from told by Jesus in Luke 15…

Two sons struggling to accept their Fathers love. YB rebels, comes home and finds a loving embrace and a party in his honour; OB stays behind, does everything right and gets grumpy at YB’s welcome back party, never understanding that he’d had his Fathers love, acceptance and approval the whole time. The end.

To help you understand YB & OB a little better, here’s a quick profile

YB hasn’t read parts 1 & 2 of this blog series

OB has not only read and re-read both parts, they’ve indexed all biblical heresies and lodged an injunction with the supreme court to have me blacklisted from their church 🙂

A little background on YB

YB’s choose the easy path               OB’s choose the hard path

YB’s are more unrighteous               OB’s are more self-righteous

YB’s break rules                                OB’s make rules

YB’s have an escape plan                 OB’s have a growth plan

YB’s prefer to ask forgiveness          OB’s prefer to ask permission

YB’s run away                                   OB’s run around

YB’s take what they want                 OB’s earn what they want

YB’s are governed by Shame           OB’s are governed by Fear

YB’s love to play                          OB’s love to work

I could almost certainly say that every married couple I know is a combo of YB & OB

They say opposites attract hey! (More on couples & relationships next time)

So here’s another sweeping generalisation that OB can take to the supreme court…

Both brothers are drug addicts!

OK, this is going to be fun…

 A little background on YB

Here’s a few of the signature behavioural traits of a typical YB…

Rebellion         Lust        Immorality        Lawlessness        Conflict

Violence        Rage        Anger        Boastfulness        Gluttony

Hedonism        Corruption          Perversion          Hedonism

Resentment           Slander        Envy        Promiscuity        Greed

Just to name a few…

(Keep in mind that both brothers share about another 100 behavioural traits that I haven’t listed here, before their personality profiles split into YB & OB)

So here’s a few emotional dependencies that make YB feel better…

(Anything you and I can’t stop doing in order to feel good is an emotional dependency)

Drugs        Alcohol         Nicotine         Fantasy         Escapism

Gambling          Hoarding          Drama          Shopping          TV Bingeing

Music        Gambling         Gaming         Travel         Eating         Casual Sex

Porn        Masturbation        Tattoos        Excitement        Entertainment

and I’m sure you can think of some more…

In summary, YB’s drug of choice is Pleasure

and YB is addicted!

I’ll bet my house that the saying; “If it feels good do it” was coined by a YB

(YB’s love a good gamble)

 A little background on OB

Here’s a few of the signature behavioural traits of a typical OB…

Religion           Justice           Striving           Perfectionism           Offense

Justification        Self-Discipline        People Pleasing        Defensiveness

Stress          Blindness          Martyrdom          Submission

Rules & Regulations            Approval              Peacekeeping

Chameleon           Mastery

 And here’s a few emotional dependencies that make OB feel better…

Relationships          Body Image         Success          Careers         Busyness

Rescuing           Health & Fitness           Service           Work

Distraction          Intellectualism          Spiritualising

Ministry          Self Esteem building

In summary, OB’s drug of choice is Performance

and OB is addicted!

Double or nothing on my house that the saying; “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” was coined by an OB

Now there’s a reason I’m making the comparison between all the behavioural traits and dependencies above and drugs

Drugs medicate unhealed pain

And we all have unhealed pain

Unless of course you can see the Father as clearly as Jesus did, otherwise there’s more healing to come

So how does an addict of either performance or pleasure get free from their addiction?

I’d love to be able to say; “Let me pray for you brother, and God will heal your emotions”

But I don’t believe in ‘Magical Genie God’ anymore…

Same goes for ‘Not Happy Jan God’ ‘Drive Thru God’ and ‘Just try harder God’…

I’d love to say just trust Jesus, but trust Jesus to do what? Unless you know precisely where you need to trust Him, there’s nothing to invite Him into

I’d love to say read the bible more, pray more, worship more, go to church more, and as helpful as these activities can be, unfortunately you can’t read, pray, sing or clap your way out of this one

Addiction to performance & pleasure go way way way deeper than we care to believe

To be honest, there’s not much you can do on your own, but there is hope!

The Father can help…

In His time, on His terms, at His pace, in His order, and with your permission

Permission to let Him in

And what do you do once He’s in?

I’ll cover that next time

Until then…

Knock Knock?

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. (Rev 3:20)


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