Uncertainty – The Birthplace of Religion?


Now here’s a word we don’t really ponder a whole lot

It’s really not one of those warm & fuzzy words like faith, hope or love hey?

To be honest I’d rather go wash the car than ponder a word like ‘uncertainty’ for any great length of time

So now you’re here, let me ask you a few questions;

Where has uncertainty led you in your life?

How have you responded to uncertainty?

What constructs of certainty have you built around yourself as protection against uncertainty?

If you get a chance today, linger a little longer than you’d like in these questions

I even dare you to write a few thoughts down

See if you can resist the temptation to move on & go do something else

I would suggest that our basic human reaction to uncertainty is the reason Religion exists

When we experience uncertainty, we build constructs of certainty in our worlds

There’s something in me that just wants to know for sure;

Where’s my career headed? Will we have enough to survive on in the future? Will my kids turn out OK? Am I going to heaven? Is God really not angry with me? Does God really know who I am?

Being certain of a few things helps me feel anchored, safe and assured

Often the church can become one giant construct of certainty that offers a sense of safety & assurance for the fearful, (especially churches that adhere strictly to an inerrant interpretation of the bible) but in doing so they forfeit the opportunity to walk with God in faith, allowing Him to father us in a loving way, as we pilgrimage through uncertainty together

I will go out on a limb and suggest that if you can’t let go of the idea that the Bible is literal, word for word, and inerrant (without error) in every way because it’s ‘The Word of God’ then that’s coming from a place of fear within you.

It’s a construct you’ve built that brings you certainty

But it’s not a construct built around love

I can’t help but wonder sometimes how many people out there became Christians, or went to Church, not because they encountered the relentless love of the Father God, but because they were simply afraid of going to hell

Is the foundation of your faith built on love or fear?

We can all answer the questions above about uncertainty from a biblical perspective, however, what’s the truth in your heart really telling you?

When I interrogate my behaviour, often the underlying truth I believe in my heart becomes exposed. Then there’s even more uncertainty. (Time to go wash the car!)

However, it’s only when I have the courage to sit in my exposure, and allow the Lord into that honest space (Being honest with God isn’t as easy as it sounds) that an opportunity presents itself for Him to speak words of truth to me, which bring peace to my heart, along with reassurance. And as a result, there’s no need to build constructs of certainty around me

This is Relationship, not Religion!

The only resilience strategy against Religion is Relationship

Jesus’ life makes a whole lot more sense when you can see it through this paradigm.

Jesus heard Father’s voice regularly, and was able to say things like; “I only do what I see the Father doing”

There’s an incredible sense of love & trust between Jesus & the Father

I jealously want with the Father what Jesus has

A great young man in my world sent me a verse from Hebrews this morning; “Without faith, it’s impossible to please God”

So here’s the dilemma we face as followers of Jesus…

The one thing that’s required to please God (faith) is practically the opposing pathway to our natural responses to uncertainty

However, the Lord has given us a way forward here

The appropriate way to handle uncertainty is faith

Faith is the currency of the kingdom

(If the Lord appeared in person at the end of your bed tonight and had a pow wow, you would have certainty, but what would you need faith for?)

If you have certainty, there’s no room for faith!

So can we say that certainty robs our kingdom bank accounts?

In my own life, moving forward for me looks like resisting the regular temptations to pursue certainty and build constructs around it, but instead lingering in the moments of uncertainty, and allowing the Lord to expose what’s really there, and be the Father He wants to be for me in those places

How about you?

Are you willing to allow the Lord into your space of uncertainty, and maybe even let Him help deconstruct you a little?


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2 thoughts on “Uncertainty – The Birthplace of Religion?

  1. I will admit I’d rather read this than wash the car haha but that’s okay… Interesting ideas you raise here… Risk and uncertainty are well risky and uncertain but so much more than I could have ever imagined have grown from embracing those very things, utilising my faith and just holding Jesus’ hand through it all. Great message, thanks for sharing x


  2. I really do love this blog! I will say that I come from a non-Christian home and I believe the scripture is 100% accurate due to 2 Timothy 3:16, and I believe the bible is true out of love not fear.

    But hey, we all have our disagreements! At least I can tell that you love Jesus. Keep doing what you’re doing bud!


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