Courses & Workshops

I offer self-discovery courses & workshops that range between 2 hours and 2 days.

Workshops can be customised to suit your required needs and target audience.

All my workshops are highly interactive, with lot’s of discussion, coaching, group work and laughs.

The most popular workshop is Emotional Health Day.

Loosely based on the movie Inside Out, this workshop acts as a gentle entry point into the arena of self-discovery towards emotional wholeness.

And after years of promises, the Soul Matters Online Course is here!

This course is a journey of self connection which will help you understand a whole lot more about why you act, think and feel the way you do.

In an age where you and I are more connected to the world through technology than ever before, there’s evidence to suggest we’re less connected to ourselves as a result.

When you hold up the mirror, what’s the fruit of your life telling you?

Is it time for you to take a deeper look at what’s happening in your inner world? 

If so, then this online course will help you…

  • Connect the dots between your behaviour and your life story.
  • Challenge and change what you believe about yourself in order to chart a course for genuine growth.
  • Effectively use curiosity about your inner world, and its ‘emotional infrastructure’.
  • Help you understand why self awareness is the catalyst for all personal growth. (You can’t change what you’re not aware of)
  • Learn how owning your own ‘stuff’ is the doorway to self awareness.
  • Explore why your life is the sum total of what you consciously or subconsciously believe about yourself.
  • Identify unhealthy patterns of behaviour and emotional dependency, that are affecting your quality of life.
  • The course includes 20 short video modules, and comes with a workbook to help you process what comes up for you.
  • Cost $19

       Ready to take the plunge?   Enrol Here